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Savor the Mess

Disco Fries (diskō fraiz): The American interpretation of Canadian Poutine – french fries, brown gravy and cheese curds. Different foods are often added in, making for a delicious mess.

Disco Fried (diskō fraid): The momcation madness that ensues when a quirky New England prepster drags her Long Island diva bestie on a comical Canadian quest for their MILF crowns.

Listen to Jules and Meli on The Debbie Nigro Show!

The top 10 reasons why you might like Disco Fried:



You’ve been lost in a taxi in a foreign city



Sandra Boynton hippos make you smile



You’ve had the hots for a guy



You’ve had the hots for a girl



At book club, you like to debate whether characters mean what they say, or just say what they think will get other characters to sleep with them.



Listening to the Beastie Boys still kinda makes you feel like a badass



Pinterest gives you anxiety dreams



While you sit on the bleachers freezing your butt off, you fantasize about pan flutes and pumpkin extract exfoliation treatments.



Barring all negative health implications, you’d be content to subsist off french fries, nutella and DQ blizzards for an obscene amount of time.



When you’re with your best friend, life’s one big dance party!

Irreverent? Hells ya!

Sarcastic? Never.

Self-deprecating? Only when it pokes fun of itself, which is like all the time, adoy-ee.

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