Huffington Post Interviews the authors behind the debut novel ‘Disco Fried’

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Jules and Meli talked with Robi Ludwig, Psy.D., to discuss their debut novel.

“Life can be messy! And no one knows this better than the two midlife, married, working moms who are trying to do it all; it is these protagonists who move the story in the new novel Disco Fried.

Savoring the turmoil during this phase of life with finesse and style is the focal point of this book for authors Jules Morse and Meli Dez. They knew the title of this novel had to be special so they named it Disco Fried. In Disco Fried, the Momcation  [a respite from parental duties] madness that ensues when a quirky New England prep drags her Long Island diva best friend on a comical Canadian quest for their “MILF” [Moms I’d like to F#*K.] crowns.

In this entertaining and dynamic story of two female best friends, Mina Baron and Jill Stone, the main characters who are feeling stuck and desperate, want to add some excitement to their lackluster lives.Both are experiencing anxieties and fears about what life has in store for them during their midlife years. Mina, a former singer, has just been diagnosed with a debilitating auto-immune disease, while Jill, is dealing with the frustrations of trying to sell her latest TV pilot. In an attempt to say, “yes” to life and live every moment to its fullest these two besties decide to take an epic Canadian weekend get-away to jump-start their lives again.

After an unexpected meeting with an old flame and a handsome businessman, these two friends confront their true fears in a shocking way that will surprise them both. To learn about the catalyst behind these delightful characters, I interviewed both authors, Jules Morse, an interactive copywriter and brand strategist and Meli Dez a press release writer and former lead singer for several bands. I asked them about the inspiration for their new novel and the following interview took place.”

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